Test Action Plan

Timeline for Development of the 4th NAP 2022 - 2023

Start Up Phase

Involvement Phase

Development Phase

May - June 2023

Start Up Phase.

: Creation of a website for OGP initiatives
: Identification of themes as basis for public engagement
: Collection of public feedback on other potential themese for discussion using the existing government online public consultation platforms
: Preparation for the launch of a call to create a Multistakeholder Forum

July - August 2023

Involvement Phase.

: Categorisation and online publishing of proposals received into thematic groups to be used as possible commitments for action plan
: Issue call for CSOs to participate in Multistakeholder Forum
: Outreach to Ministries and other State bodies to discuss potential proposals
: Establishing of Multistakeholder Forum including working groups per theme where necessary
: Engaging CSOs and Government in a series of thematic discussions

September - December 2023

Development Phase

: Selection of proposals that emerge from discussions and refine into potential commitments
: Preparation of 1st draft of action plan including commitments and milestones
: Launch of 1st draft of action plan for public consultation
: Analysis of feedback received and action plan review
: Publication of Public Consultation Report with reasoned response
: Finalisation of Action Plan
: Cabinet Approval of Action Plan and Delivery of National Action Plan